Lil' Joe's Leather Vests

Sons of Anarchy Vest

In the early 1990’s Lil’ Joe Senkir came up with the idea to create a line of motorcycle apparel that could be made in the USA. Joe perfected his leather vest in fit, workmanship and detail under the label HA Leather. Today, the company is named Lil’ Joe’s Legendary Leather, in Joe’s memory, run by his widow Lori and her husband Mike Mills.

Lissa Hill Leathers is an authorized Canadian dealer for Lil’ Joe’s Legendary Leather expertly crafted Outlaw Motorcycle Vests as seen on FX television series Sons of Anarchy.

“Made in the USA & Guaranteed For Life” … Lissa Hill offers four Lil’ Joe’s Leather vests…

Bay Area Vest
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