Lissa Hill Leathers was born of my passion for leather, fashion, music and motorcycles.

I have used this passion, knowledge of fit, pattern drafting combined with my clients’ and my own riding experiences to create a unique leather line that boasts removable sleeves and bottoms, arm chaps, and weather packages. Pieces such as jackets with removable liners and layering options with a timeless rock and roll feel.

In 2003 I purchased my first motorcycle and quickly discovered first-hand how important comfortable riding clothes are.

I have found that women riders, in particular, struggle to find jackets that fit, cover the waistline, do not fill with air, protect you from the elements, look fabulous, are made in North America, and do not have a “biker” look.

I have combined my passion for riding and leathers with my eye for design and years of experience in fitting into a line of  riding leathers with our needs and wants in mind.

Lissa Hill Leathers is a line for clients that want to love their leathers like their favorite jeans.

Youthful looking leather designs with a fashion edge that moves beyond biker.

I want your purchase to not only meet your riding needs but enhance your wardrobe for years to come!