Leather Full Chaps for Men by Lissa Hill
Leather Full Chaps for Men by Lissa Hill

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Men’s Leather Full Chaps


Lissa Hill Leather chaps are different from your average chaps. They are cut to fit, lined to protect your jeans and made from quality tanned leather. The leather is heavy to protect you, yet soft enough to fold to store in your saddle bag.

  • Made using 5oz cow leather
  • Lined in jersey lining
  • Removable buckle
  • Three snaps on outer 1.5″ flap protecting the zipper from the elements and road grime
Scroll down for important sizing and measurement info. Upon placement of your full chaps order, Lissa Hill will contact you to confirm sizing and assist with fitment considerations (such as narrow or straight leg).
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Sizing Chart for Lissa Hill Full Chaps

Size Waist Thigh Regular Long
XS 27.5″-32″ 20″ 42″ 45″
S 30″-35″ 21″ 42″ 45″
M 33″-39″ 22″-23″ 42″ 45″
L 36″-42″ 24″-25″ 42″ 45″
XL 39″-45″ 26″ 43″ 46″
2XL 42″-48″ 27″ 43″ 46″
3XL 45″-51″ 28″ 43″ 46″

Measuring Your Waist For Chaps

Your waist measurement is typically your jean's waist size with 2 inches added. This provides enough room for your chaps to fit over your jeans and possibly a belt.

Measuring Your Thighs For Chaps

With your jeans on measure around the thickest part of your thigh while sitting for chaps.

Measuring Your Outseam For Chap Length

With your riding boots and jeans on measure from the top of your belt to the floor along the outside of your leg.
Chaps should be longer than your jeans and cover your ankle when sitting on your bike and just off the ground when standing. We trim chaps to the correct length when we fit people in our studio, however you may do the same yourself or take your chaps to a local tailor or leather worker.