The Process

Lissa Hill Leathers are truly custom made, meaning your leathers are made for you based on your measurements and requirements and fit to your body in a four step process. It is a wonderful, exciting process to be part of the construction of  the leathers that will enhance you and your ride!

If you are out of town and are able to come for fittings we can combine appointments. I will also offer off the rack sizing for out of town clients. Please contact me to inquire.

Step 1

  • Your initial consultation will cover your leather choice, from grade to colour from samples.
  • Design that is ideal for your body type, style of riding and personal taste.
  • I will show you the best skins and grade for your needs.
  • You measurements are taken and detail refined.
  • I require a 50% deposit at the time of your order.

Step 2

  • Your first fitting is in a muslin (unbleached cotton) and is the basic shape of your jacket, chaps etc. pocket positions are marked,collar sizing elbow padding position on jackets, waistband positioning and depth on chaps and pants.

Step 3

  • Your 2nd fitting is in your leather and will be and fit in even more detail…your garment is really taking shape!
  • 1/2 of your balance is due at this fitting.

Step 4

  • Your final fitting for your jacket and pick up for pants and chaps.
  • Final payment is due on delivery.

Your garment is created for your body and based on your measurements, because of this there is no refund on custom pieces. I stand behind my product 100% in quality and fit, ensuring that you have a lifetime leather garment  – Lissa Hill