Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you offer custom work based on measurements and specs for people out of town/country?

Answer: Yes, we ask that you have your measurements taken by a professional tailor or seamstress.We will guide you with the measurements needed for the garment you order.We will work with you to create your design.

Question: What is the cost of custom work?

Answer: Each garment is quoted individually based on what you are looking for from style, size and leather used.

Question: Are all the garments leather

Answer: YES! Beautiful high quality 5oz cow leather for all riding garments and accessories unless otherwise stated.

Question: Are the Lil Joe’s Leather vests a knock off from the Son’s of Anarchy show

Answer: No these are the original…all others are knock offs!

Question: Do you offer a guarantee on your products?

Answer: We stand behind our product and will look after any of your concerns or issues.
Lil Joe’s offers a lifetime guarantee on workmanship you can contact us or Lil Joe’s directly if you have a problem

Question: Do you do alterations or repairs to leather?

Answer: Yes we do all alterations and repairs as well as restyle of fashion leathers and furs.

Question: Do you sew on patches?

Answer: Yes, all patches welcome.