3 simple steps to care for your Motorcycle Leathers at the End of Riding Season

Have you stored your leathers with love and care? I am sure you have cleaned your bike, polished her chrome, made sure her lines won’t freeze and your baby is ready in the spring.


1. Make sure your leathers are fully dried out

Hang your leather jacket or vest on a wood or plastic hanger with support on the shoulders in a warm dry area to air dry. Make sure that the skin is fully dry at the seams and lining.I do not suggest that you throw your leathers in the dryer as they may shrink.

2. Clean Thoroughly

I suggest Basic Lemon Pledge and a soft cloth. Spray the whole leather garment and let sit for a few minutes and wipe clean, respray if needed to remove bugs and road grime, concentrating armpit area on vests as well as the back neck to remove salt and oil from your skin.


3. Moisturize and Protect

When your leathers are clean, spray with a protector to moisturize and keep the leather supple and soft. The Lemon Pledge does double duty here and will moisturize and protect. There are many great products available, this one is just my personal favorite! Adding a small amount of Vaseline on your zippers will keep them rust free.


Store your motorcycle leathers in a dry place away from dampness, hang on a hanger with support…I like wooden suit hangers. The support the shoulders of vests and jackets and will not cause a fold in chaps and pants. If you do cover your leathers in the closest I suggest a cloth bag or sheet, plastic can cause mildew and rot. I lay half chaps flat and roll with a towel or soft cloth between.

These 3 simple steps will prolong the life of your riding leathers, keep the skins moisturized and strong so that they are ready to protect you from the road in the spring.

If you have any specific questions or tips on leather care and storage please post below or email at lissa@lissahill.com

Thank You!

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