Cher Bell Rebel Girl

Bringing the Motor City to the Steel City

As I sit eating Better Made Potato Chips, drinking American Bad Ass Beer while wearing my Detroit Tigers cap it occurs to me that Michigan and Detroit have left more of an impression on me that I thought!

I traveled to Michigan late last week, stopping to meet with clients with my final destination to meet with THE Rebel Girl, Cher Bell and her American Rebel, Joe.

Once again I was welcomed into their home, like family, and Drifter (the dog) even seemed happy to share his bed this time! Perfect timing on my part to arrive on Romeo bike night, again!

Cher Bell Rebel Girl

Joe Young and Cher Bell

I was excited to see the new shop/showroom for Rebel Girl.Since my last visit so much has happened, new designs, new ideas and new products.The leather corsets that Cher was working on during my last visit were perfected and manufactured in time for Sturgis. Joe told me that almost every woman that tried them on purchased one of these beauties.

Rebel Girl Leather Corsets

Rebel Girl Leather Corsets

I had the pleasure of meeting the newest Rebel Girl team member,Stacey. Stacey is an incredibly interesting woman who is a stewardess, body builder and designer. She is doing some awesome design work with denim jackets, exotic skins, studs and stones!

Not only did I come away from this visit with knowledge, inspiration and a lot of laughs…(mostly at my expense…thanks for mocking my Canadianisms…Joe!!!) I am very excited to say I am now a rep for Rebel Girl!

The Rebel Girl line, it is unique in it’s look, great artwork and fabric treatments. The fit is great for motorcycle riding, long in the body and sleeves.Feminine details like scoop necks, deep V’s and crystals.

The Rebel Girl line marries beautifully with Lissa Hill Motorcycle Leather as Cher definitely considers Fit, Fashion and Function when designing her pieces. Totally Rock and Roll! Awesome leather cuffs and belts for 2012…all made in America, not overseas.

a taste of the Rebel Girl tops

a taste of the Rebel Girl tops

Thank you to Cher and Joe for welcoming me to the team. I am thrilled to bring the Motor City to the Steel City!!!

Please come by the studio to see the line. I will be letting everyone know what stores will be carrying Rebel Girl.

Thanks again Cher and Joe…and to Drifter too!

Look forward to my next visit…I promise it will be longer…I think it might be sooner than later…I am out of chips

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