Lissa Hill Leather Motorcycle Half Chaps: Fashion or Safety?

Fashion or Safety? Why not Both? We are women, we ride motorcycles…we can have it all!

I do receive questions often about my half chaps…many people at the Motorcycle Shows have never seen them and are curious as to their function. I have been designing, making and selling half chaps for over 6 years…so I am what you might say an expert!

What is the point?

Not only do these motorcycle half chaps look hot, they protect you from the road with kick ass style! Added protection on your shins and knees keeping you warm, protect you from road spray, rock and bugs. A great option to the full chaps in warm weather or climates…or if full chaps are not for you. I have both, and love the added protection in the heat of summer, without the full layer of chaps.

Leather Riding Accessories by Lissa Hill

           Knee High Half Chaps

When riding your knee is protected from wind, road debris and rain. The Thigh High cut is 4″ above your knee creating a shield effect when your knee is bent. The back zipper ends just below your knee, so you are comfortable when riding. Soft 5oz leather is comfortable yet durable and can handle what the road throws at it. This is the same leather I use for my riding jackets and full chaps…not the thin split crap!

leather half chaps

Close Up Of Knee Bent (note the red stitching matches the pin striping!!)

How do they stay up?

Lissa Hill Leather half chaps are cut to the shape of your calf and ankle. They fit snugly over your boot at the ankle and your calf with room and ease at your knee. The laced thigh high version is great for a muscular calf or if you want to wear over higher shaft boots as well as an ankle boot.

There is a sizing chart on my website and advice on how to measure for your sizing. Need help? email or call the studio

Choosing the Thigh High or Knee High Half Chaps they are an added layer of protection over your jeans or leather riding pants. They also protect you skin, boots and jeans from the heat of your bike…rider or passenger.

I am happy to answer any other questions or concerns you may have about Motorcycle Half Chaps, just email or call

half chaps motorcycle

Heading Out For a Ride in My Thigh High Half Chaps

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