The Leather Lady gets Dynotuned

I have just returned back to my studio from setting up our booth space at the Toronto Motorcycle and Tattoo Show at the Toronto Exhibition grounds.

I am excited to have been asked to share a booth with my friends Bruce and Susan from Dynotunes in Burlington, Ont

(Susan and I have some exciting things for women Motorcycle riders for the upcoming season… we will share with you soon)

This show is a bit different as they have added the Tattoo aspect. I have decided to mix it up a bit as well! Not only will I have motorcycle leathers, and half chaps….and taking your custom orders.

I will have my fashion lamb leather jackets as well a few samples of a great jean line from Texas!

My F’N Jeans from Texas

My F’N Jeans from Texas

Sky Blue Lamb of the designs available this weekend

Sky Blue Lamb Jacket….one of the designs available this weekend

And to not forget the men…I have Lil Joe’s Leather vests….I love this product….these are the vests seen on the Son’s of Anarchy. I have up to 3XL in stock….come by and see us and save on the shipping. If we have to order your size, I will send it to you and pay your shipping costs!

jax teller motorcycle vest

Lil Joe’s Leather Son’s of Anarchy Vest

Looks like the show will have tons to see, and much to do…shop for you, your bike… there is a motorcycle auction, custom contests….you can even get a tattoo at the show!

Stop in and see Rob and I and Lissa Hill Leathers to see and try the Lil Joe’s vests, and pick up some limited edition spring fashion jackets (only $150 !!!) Order your custom leathers and pick up a pair of the coveted Lissa Hill Leather half  chaps

Susan and Bruce and the guys at Dynotunes  will get your bike in perfect tune for the season!

Looking forward to seeing you!

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